Articles by Andreas J. Köstenberger

The Seventh Johannine Sign: A Study In John’s ChristologyBBR 05:1 (NA 1995)
Ascertaining Women’s God-Ordained Roles: An Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:15BBR 07:1 (NA 1997)
Jesus as Rabbi in the Fourth GospelBBR 08:1 (NA 1998)
Jesus the Good Shepherd Who Will Also Bring Other Sheep (John 10:16): The Old Testament Background of a Familiar MetaphorBBR 12:1 (NA 2002)
“Will a Man Rob God?” (Malachi 3:8): A Study of Tithing in the Old and New TestamentsBBR 16:1 (NA 2006)
Reconstructing a Biblical Model for Giving: A Discussion of Relevant Systematic Issues and New Testament PrinciplesBBR 16:2 (NA 2006)
“The Disciple Jesus Loved”: Witness, Author, Apostle— A Response to Richard Bauckham’s“ Jesus and the Eyewitnesses”BBR 18:2 (NA 2008)
The Crux of the Matter: Paul’s Pastoral Pronouncements Regarding Women’s Roles in 1 Tim. 2:9–15FM 14:1 (Fall 1996)
Aesthetic Theology—Blessing or Curse? An Assessment of Narrative TheologyFM 15:2 (Spring 1998)
The Identity of the ᾿ΙΣΡΑΗΛ ΤΟΥ ΘΕΟΥ (Israel of God) in Galatians 6:16FM 19:1 (Fall 2001)
Jesus, the Mediator of a “Better Covenant”: Comparatives in the Book of HebrewsFM 21:2 (Spring 2004)
Of Professors and Madmen: Currents in Contemporary New Testament ScholarshipFM 23:2 (Spring 2006)
The Neutering Of “Man” In The NIVIJBMW 02:3 (Jun 1997)
Saved Through Childbearing?JBMW 02:4 (Sep 1997)
A Classic Case Of Mistaken IdentityJBMW 02:4 (Sep 1997)
Avoiding Fallacies In InterpretationJBMW 03:3 (Fall 1998)
“Teaching and Usurping Authority: I Timothy 2:11–15” (Ch 12) by Linda L. BellevilleJBMW 10:1 (Spring 2005)
“Biblical Hermeneutics: Basic Principles and Questions of Gender” (Ch 20) by Roger Nicole and “Hermeneutics and the Gender Debate” (Ch 21) by Gordon D. FeeJBMW 10:1 (Spring 2005)
The Syntax Of 1 Timothy 2:12: A Rejoinder To Philip B. PayneJBMW 14:2 (Fall 2009)
What Does It Mean To Be Filled With The Spirit? A Biblical InvestigationJETS 40:2 (Jun 1997)
EditorialJETS 47:1 (Mar 2004)
Editor’s NoteJETS 47:3 (Sep 2004)
“What Is Truth?” Pilate's Question In Its Johannine And Larger Biblical ContextJETS 48:1 (Mar 2005)
The “Journal Of The Evangelical Theological Society:” Retrospect And Prospect At The Occasion Of The Fiftieth Year Of Its PublicationJETS 51:1 (Mar 2008)
EditorialJETS 52:1 (Mar 2009)
EditorialJETS 54:1 (Mar 2011)
EditorialJETS 55:1 (Mar 2012)
EditorialJETS 56:1 (Mar 2013)
EditorialJETS 59:1 (Mar 2016)
EditorialJETS 62:1 (Mar 2019)
Schlatter Reception Then: His New Testament TheologySBJT 03:1 (Spring 1999)
Hermeneutical and Exegetical Challenges in Interpreting the Pastoral EpistlesSBJT 07:3 (Fall 2003)
John’s Trinitarian Mission TheologySBJT 09:4 (Winter 2005)
The Mystery Of Christ And The Church: Head And Body, “One Flesh”TRINJ 12:1 (Spring 1991)
The Destruction Of The Second Temple And The Composition Of The Fourth GospelTRINJ 26:2 (Fall 2005)
Gender Passages in the NT: Hermeneutical Fallacies CritiquedWTJ 56:2 (Fall 1994)