Articles by Richard D. Patterson

The Widow, the Orphan, and the Poor in the Old Testament and the Extra-Biblical LiteratureBSAC 130:519 (Jul 1973)
Victory at Sea: Prose and Poetry in Exodus 14–15BSAC 161:641 (Jan 2004)
The Biblical Imagery of Feet as a Vehicle for TruthBSAC 163:649 (Jan 2006)
Joseph In Pharaoh’s CourtBSAC 164:654 (Apr 2007)
Singing The New Song: An Examination Of Psalms 33, 96, 98, And 149BSAC 164:656 (Oct 2007)
The Imagery of Clouds in the ScripturesBSAC 165:657 (Jan 2008)
Portraits from a Prophet’s Portfolio: Hosea 4BSAC 165:659 (Jul 2008)
Psalm 92:12-15: The Flourishing of the RighteousBSAC 166:663 (Jul 2009)
A Multiplex Approach to Psalm 45GTJ 006:1 (Spring 1985)
The Psalm of HabakkukGTJ 008:2 (Fall 1987)
Literary Analysis and the Unity of NahumGTJ 009:1 (Spring 1988)
A Literary Look at Nahum, Habakkuk, and ZephaniahGTJ 011:1 (Spring 1990)
The Key Role of Daniel 7GTJ 012:2 (Fall 1991)
Nahum: Poet Laureate Of The Minor ProphetsJETS 033:4 (Dec 1990)
Holding On To Daniel’s Court TalesJETS 036:4 (Dec 1993)
The Old Testament Use Of An Archetype: The TricksterJETS 042:3 (Sep 1999)
Wonders In The Heavens And On The Earth: Apocalyptic Imagery In The Old TestamentJETS 043:3 (Sep 2000)
Parental Love as a Metaphor For Divine-Human LoveJETS 046:2 (Jun 2003)
Psalm 22: From Trial To TriumphJETS 047:2 (Jun 2004)
Prophetic Satire As A Vehicle For Ethical InstructionJETS 050:1 (Mar 2007)
Metaphors Of Marriage As Expressions Of Divine-Human RelationsJETS 051:4 (Dec 2008)
An Overlooked Scriptural Paradox: The PseudosoritesJETS 053:1 (Mar 2010)
Deliverance from DarknessSBJT 008:1 (Spring 2004)
Of Bookends, Hinges, and Hooks: Literary Clues to the Arrangement of Jeremiah’s PropheciesWTJ 051:1 (Spring 1989)
The Song Of RedemptionWTJ 057:2 (Fall 1995)
Contours Of The Exodus Motif In Jesus’ Earthly MinistryWTJ 066:1 (Spring 2004)