Articles by Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

Structure, Style, and the Prophetic Message: An Analysis of Isaiah 5:8-30BSAC 143:569 (Jan 1986)
Wordplay in the Eighth-Century ProphetsBSAC 144:573 (Jan 1987)
“For Three Sins…Even for Four”: The Numerical Sayings in AmosBSAC 147:586 (Apr 1990)
The Polemic against Baalism in Israel’s Early History and LiteratureBSAC 151:603 (Jul 1994)
Does God “Change His Mind”?BSAC 152:608 (Oct 1995)
Divine Hardening in the Old TestamentBSAC 153:612 (Oct 1996)
Does God Deceive?BSAC 155:617 (Jan 1998)
“Drink Water from Your Own Cistern”: A Literary Study of Proverbs 5:15-23BSAC 157:628 (Oct 2000)
A Rhetorical Use of Point of View in Old Testament NarrativeBSAC 159:636 (Oct 2002)
The Christological Fulfillment of Isaiah’s Servant SongsBSAC 163:652 (Oct 2006)
Anatomy of an Anthropomorphism: Does God Discover Facts?BSAC 164:653 (Jan 2007)
Yahweh Versus The Canaanite Gods: Polemic In Judges And 1 Samuel 1–7BSAC 164:654 (Apr 2007)
Identity Crisis: Assessing Samson’s Birth and CareerBSAC 166:662 (Apr 2009)
How a Hermeneutical Virus Can Corrupt Theological SystemsBSAC 166:663 (Jul 2009)
The Ethical Challenge of Jephthah’s Fulfilled VowBSAC 167:668 (Oct 2010)
Ehud: Assessing An AssassinBSAC 168:671 (Jul 2011)
Cracks In The Foundation: Ominous Signs In The David NarrativeBSAC 172:686 (Apr 2015)
Characterization In 1-2 Samuel: The Use Of Quotations And Intertextual LinksBSAC 174:693 (Jan 2017)
Rizpah’s Torment: When God Punishes The Children For The Sin Of The FatherBSAC 175:697 (Jan 2018)
“The Bloodshed Of Jezreel”: Harmonizing Hosea 1:4 And 2 Kings 10:30BSAC 176:704 (Oct 2019)
The Chronology Of The Book Of Judges: A Linguistic Clue To Solving A Pesky ProblemJETS 52:2 (Jun 2009)
In Defense Of Paneling As A Clue To The Chronology Of Judges: A Critique Of Andrew Steinmann’s ReplyJETS 53:2 (Jun 2010)
When Prophecy Appears To Fail, Check Your HermeneuticJETS 53:3 (Sep 2010)