Articles by Daniel I. Block

Beyond The Grave: Ezekiel’s Vision Of Death And AfterlifeBBR 02:1 (NA 1992)
The Grace of Torah: The Mosaic Prescription for Life (Deut. 4:1–8; 6:20–25)BSAC 162:645 (Jan 2005)
The Joy of Worship: The Mosaic Invitation to the Presence of God (Deut. 12:1–14)BSAC 162:646 (Apr 2005)
The Burden of Leadership: The Mosaic Paradigm of Kingship (Deut. 17:14–20)BSAC 162:647 (Jul 2005)
The Privilege of Calling: The Mosaic Paradigm for Missions (Deut. 26:16–19)BSAC 162:648 (Oct 2005)
Bearing The Name Of The Lord With HonorBSAC 168:669 (Jan 2011)
“That They May All Fear Me”: Interpreting And Preaching Hebrew WisdomJBTM 13:2 (Fall 2016)
Sermon: A Lizard In The King’s Palace Proverbs 20:24–28JBTM 13:2 (Fall 2016)
Israel’s House: Reflections On The Use Of Byt Ysõrʾl In The Old Testament In The Light Of Its Ancient Near Eastern EnvironmentJETS 28:3 (Sep 1985)
The Prophet Of The Spirit: The Use Of Rwḥ “ ” In The Book Of EzekielJETS 32:1 (Mar 1989)
Will The Real Gideon Please Stand Up? Narrative Style And Intention In Judges 6-9JETS 40:3 (Sep 1997)
Recovering The Voice Of Moses: The Genesis Of Deuteronomy JETS 44:3 (Sep 2001)
How Many Is God? An Investigation Into The Meaning Of Deuteronomy 6:4–5JETS 47:2 (Jun 2004)
“You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor’s Wife”: A Study In Deuteronomic Domestic IdeologyJETS 53:3 (Sep 2010)
“What Do These Stones Mean?” The Riddle Of Deuteronomy 27JETS 56:1 (Mar 2013)
“A Place For My Name”: Horeb And Zion In The Mosaic Vision Of Israelite WorshipJETS 58:2 (Jun 2015)
Reviving God’s Covenant with Levi: Reflections on Malachi 2:1-9 RAR 04:3 (Summer 1995)
Empowered by the Spirit of God: The Holy Spirit in the Histographic Writings of the Old TestamentSBJT 01:1 (Spring 1997)
Unspeakable Crimes: The Abuse of Women in the Book of JudgesSBJT 02:3 (Fall 1998)
Christotelic Preaching: A Plea for Hermeneutical Integrity and Missional PassionSBJT 22:3 (Fall 2018)
Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament ChristiansSTR 03:2 (Winter 2012)
Echo Narrative Technique in Hebrew Literature: A Study in Judges 19WTJ 52:2 (Fall 1990)