Articles by Darrell L. Bock

The Son Of Man In Luke 5:24BBR 01:1 (NA 1991)
Introduction of the IBR Jesus GroupBBR 10:2 (NA 2000)
Blasphemy and the Jewish Examination of JesusBBR 17:1 (NA 2007)
Did Jesus Connect Son Of Man To Daniel 7? A Short Reflection On The Position Of Larry HurtadoBBR 22:3 (NA 2012)
Part 1 Evangelicals and the Use of the Old Testament in the NewBSAC 142:567 (Jul 1985)
Part 2: Evangelicals and the Use of the Old Testament in the NewBSAC 142:568 (Oct 1985)
Jesus as Lord in Acts and in the Gospel MessageBSAC 143:570 (Apr 1986)
A Review of “The Gospel according to Jesus”BSAC 146:581 (Jan 1989)
The Son of David and the Saints’ Task: The Hermeneutics of Initial FulfillmentBSAC 150:600 (Oct 1993)
The Table Briefing: On The Heart Of IslamBSAC 171:681 (Jan 2014)
The Table Briefing: Ministering To Hospital PatientsBSAC 171:682 (Apr 2014)
The Table Briefing: Seven Key Differences Between Protestant And Catholic DoctrineBSAC 171:683 (Jul 2014)
The Table Briefing: The New Atheism And The Problem Of EvilBSAC 171:684 (Oct 2014)
The Table Briefing: Does Israel Have A Future In God’s Program?BSAC 172:685 (Jan 2015)
The Table Briefing: Sexuality And Paul’s Transcultural Message In Romans 1:18-32BSAC 172:686 (Apr 2015)
The Table Briefing: Faith, Work, Giftedness, And Your CallingBSAC 172:687 (Jul 2015)
The Table Briefing: Religious Liberty In A Pluralistic SocietyBSAC 172:688 (Oct 2015)
The Table Briefing: Truth And Tone In Cultural EngagementBSAC 173:689 (Jan 2016)
The Table Briefing: Vocation, Faith, And Cultural EngagementBSAC 173:690 (Apr 2016)
The Table Briefing: Did the Historical Jesus Claim to Be Divine?BSAC 173:691 (Jul 2016)
The Table Briefing: Engaging The LGBT Community With Truth And LoveBSAC 173:692 (Oct 2016)
The Table Briefing: Men And Women Working Together In MinistryBSAC 174:693 (Jan 2017)
The Table Briefing: The Church’s Role In Racial ReconciliationBSAC 174:694 (Apr 2017)
The Table Briefing: Ministering To MillennialsBSAC 174:695 (Jul 2017)
The Table Briefing: Engaging Skeptical Challenges To The Old TestamentBSAC 174:696 (Oct 2017)
The Table Briefing: Engaging Challenges To The Reliability Of The New Testament TextBSAC 175:697 (Jan 2018)
The Table Briefing: Engaging With Atheists And AgnosticsBSAC 175:698 (Apr 2018)
The Table Briefing: Respectfully Engaging World ReligionsBSAC 175:699 (Jul 2018)
The Table Briefing: Was The Virgin Birth Copied From Myths?BSAC 175:700 (Oct 2018)
The Table Briefing: Leading With Courage And CompassionBSAC 176:701 (Jan 2019)
The Table Briefing: Faith, Vocation, And Women In The WorkplaceBSAC 176:702 (Apr 2019)
The Table Briefing: Dialogical Apologetics And Difficult Spiritual ConversationsBSAC 176:703 (Jul 2019)
The Table Briefing: Dialogical Apologetics And Difficult Spiritual Conversations, Part 2BSAC 176:704 (Oct 2019)
Why I Am A Dispensationalist With A Small “d”JETS 41:3 (Sep 1998)
The Purpose-Driven ETS: Where Should We Go? A Look At Jesus Studies And Other Example CasesJETS 45:1 (Mar 2002)
Do Gender-Sensitive Translations Distort Scripture? Not NecessarilyJETS 45:4 (Dec 2002)
Current Messianic Activity and OT Davidic Promise: Dispensationalism, Hermeneutics, and NT FulfillmentTRINJ 15:1 (Spring 1994)