Articles by Gordon Franz

Lachish Stables Found!BSP 10:2 (Spring 1981)
Divine Healer Jesus vs. EshmunBSPADE 02:1 (Winter 1989)
Ancient Harbors Of The Sea Of GalileeBSPADE 04:4 (Autumn 1991)
Let The Dead Bury Their Own Dead (Matthew 8:22; Luke 9:60)BSPADE 05:2 (Spring 1992)
Book Review: Jesus and the Forgotten CityBSPADE 05:3 (Summer 1992)
“Does Your Teacher Not Pay The [Temple] Tax?” (Mt 17:24-27)BSPADE 10:4 (Autumn 1997)
Hanukkah: The Festival of LightBSPADE 11:4 (Fall 1998)
The King and I: The Apostle John and Emperor DomitianBSPADE 12:2 (Spring 1999)
The King and I (Part 2): Exiled to PatmosBSPADE 12:4 (Fall 1999)
The King And I (Part 3) Opening The Third SealBSPADE 13:1 (Winter 2000)
Is Mount Sinai In Saudi Arabia?BSPADE 13:4 (Fall 2000)
“Meat Offered to Idols” in Pergamum and ThyafiraBSPADE 14:4 (Fall 2001)
“At Home in Death”: An Archaeological Exposition of Psalm 49:11BSPADE 15:3 (Summer 2002)
The Tyrian Shekel And The Temple Of JerusalemBSPADE 15:4 (Fall 2002)
Nahum, Nineveh and Those Nasty AssyriansBSPADE 16:4 (Fall 2003)
Going For the Gold!BSPADE 17:2 (Spring 2004)
Gods, Gold And The Glory Of PhilippiBSPADE 17:4 (Fall 2004)
“Remember, Archaeology is NOT a Treasure Hunt!”BSPADE 18:2 (Spring 2005)
The Synagogue On The Island Of Delos And The Epistle Of JamesBSPADE 18:3 (Summer 2005)
Propaganda, Power and the Perversion of Biblical Truths: Coins Illustrating The Book of RevelationBSPADE 19:3 (Summer 2006)
Archaeology, Assyrian Reliefs and the Psalms of the Sons of KorahBSPADE 20:1 (Winter 2007)
Who is Immanuel?BSPADE 20:4 (Fall 2007)
Jesus Celebrates Hanukkah!BSPADE 20:4 (Fall 2007)
Beneath The Surface: The Temple Mount Sifting ProjectBSPADE 22:1 (Winter 2009)
“The Most Important Discovery was the People”: An Interview with Dr. Gabriel BarkayBSPADE 22:1 (Winter 2009)
Picture Postcards from the PsalmistsBSPADE 22:1 (Winter 2009)
“Remember, Archaeology Is NOT A Treasure Hung!”BSPADE 22:3 (Summer 2009)
A Tribute To Dr. David LivingstonBSPADE 22:3 (Summer 2009)
The Arch Of Titus And The Olive Tree Of Romans 11BSPADE 23:2 (Spring 2010)
Skeletons On The TableBSPADE 23:3 (Summer 2010)
Lukewarm In Laodicea: Revelation 3:14–22BSPADE 25:2 (Spring 2012)
The Earthquake In The Days Of The Prophet Amos And King UzziahBSPADE 25:3 (Summer 2012)
Lovers Of Husbands And ChildrenBSPADE 26:3 (Summer 2013)
Erastus Salt And Light In The Government Of CorinthBSPADE 27:1 (Winter 2014)
How Beautiful Are The Feet On The Via EgnatiaBSPADE 27:2 (Spring 2014)
Where Is Mount Sinai In Arabia?BSPADE 28:3 (Summer 2015)
Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?CTSJ 12:1 (Spring 2006)