Articles by Gregory Goswell

Joshua And KingshipBBR 023:1 (NA 2013)
“So Was This People”: Translating Haggai 2:14 In The Past TenseBBR 024:3 (NA 2014)
The Order Of The Books In The Hebrew BibleJETS 051:4 (Dec 2008)
The Order Of The Books In The Greek Old TestamentJETS 052:3 (Sep 2009)
The Order Of The Books Of The New TestamentJETS 053:2 (Jun 2010)
The Temple Theme In The Book Of DanielJETS 055:3 (Sep 2012)
Two Testaments In Parallel: The Influence Of The Old Testament On The Structuring Of The New Testament CanonJETS 056:3 (Sep 2013)
Having The Last Say: The End Of The OTJETS 058:1 (Mar 2015)
The Place Of The Book Of Acts In Reading The NTJETS 059:1 (Mar 2016)
Finding A Home For The Letter To The HebrewsJETS 059:4 (Dec 2016)
Putting The Book Of Chronicles In Its PlaceJETS 060:2 (Jun 2017)
Authorship And Anonymity In The New Testament WritingsJETS 060:4 (Dec 2017)
The Johannine Corpus and the Unity of the New Testament CanonJETS 061:4 (Dec 2018)
Reading Romans After The Book Of ActsJETS 062:2 (Jun 2019)
The Two Testaments As Covenant DocumentsJETS 062:4 (Dec 2019)
The Macro-Structural Role Of The Former Prophets And The Historical Books In Old Testament CanonsJETS 063:3 (Sep 2020)
The Hermeneutics Of The HaftarotTYNBUL 058:1 (NA 2007)
Isaiah 1:26 A Neglected Text On KingshipTYNBUL 062:2 (NA 2011)
Royal Names: Naming And Wordplay In Isaiah 7WTJ 075:1 (Spring 2013)
The Shape Of Messianism In Isaiah 9WTJ 077:1 (Spring 2015)
Messianic Expectation In Isaiah 11WTJ 079:1 (Spring 2017)
The Lord’s Anointed In The Books Of SamuelWTJ 082:2 (Fall 2020)