Articles by Mark A. Snoeberger

The Pre-Mosaic Tithe: Issues And ImplicationsDBSJ 05:1 (Fall 2000)
The Logical Priority Of Regeneration To Saving Faith In A Theological Ordo SalutisDBSJ 07:1 (Fall 2002)
Engaging The Enemy…But On Whose Terms? An Assessment Of Responses To The Charge Of Anti-IntellectualismDBSJ 08:1 (Fall 2003)
Noetic Sin, Neutrality, and Contextualization: How Culture Receives the GospelDBSJ 09:1 (Fall 2004)
Weakness Or Wisdom? Fundamentalists And Romans 14.1–15.13DBSJ 12:1 (Fall 2007)
D. A. Carson’s “Christ And Culture Revisited:” A Reflection And A ResponseDBSJ 13:1 (Fall 2008)
Tongues—Are They For Today?DBSJ 14:0 (NA 2009)
Old Testament Lot-Casting: Divination Or Providence?DBSJ 16:1 (NA 2011)
Distinctive Contributions Of Alva J. Mcclain And Grace Theological Seminary To A History Of DispensationalismDBSJ 17:1 (NA 2012)
Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants (A Review Article)DBSJ 17:1 (NA 2012)
Why A Commitment To Inerrancy Does Not Demand A Strictly 6000-Year-Old Earth: One Young Earther’s Plea For RealismDBSJ 18:1 (NA 2013)
A Tale Of Two Kingdoms: The Struggle For The Spirituality Of The Church And The Genius Of The Dispensational SystemDBSJ 19:0 (NA 2014)
A Biblical Argument Against Premarital SexDBSJ 20:0 (NA 2015)
The “NIV Zondervan Study Bible:” A Dispensational ReflectionDBSJ 21:0 (NA 2016)
Nakedness & Coverings In Genesis 3: What They Are And Why It MattersDBSJ 22:0 (NA 2017)
“Reading The Bible Supernaturally ?” A Review ArticleDBSJ 23:0 (NA 2018)
Neither Forsaken Nor Estranged From God: Clarifying What May Rightly Be Said About The Death Of God In The Death Of ChristJBTM 16:1 (Spring 2019)
Second-Blessing Models of Sanctification and Early Dallas DispensationalismTMSJ 15:1 (Spring 2004)