Articles by Ardel B. Caneday

Mark’s Provocative Use of Scripture in Narration “He Was with the Wild Animals and Angels Ministered to Him”BBR 09:1 (NA 1999)
Qoheleth: Enigmatic Pessimist Or Godly Sage?GTJ 07:1 (Spring 1986)
The Word Made Flesh As Mystery Incarnate: Revealing And Concealing Dramatized By Jesus As Portrayed In John’s GospelJETS 60:4 (Dec 2017)
“Evangelical Inclusivism” and the Exclusivity of the Gospel: A Review of John Sanders’s No Other NameSBJT 01:4 (Winter 1997)
Christ’s Baptism and Crucifixion: The Anointing and Enthronement of God’s SonSBJT 08:3 (Fall 2004)
Persevering in Christ and Tests of Eternal LifeSBJT 10:3 (Fall 2006)
"They Exchanged The Glory Of God For The Likeness Of An Image": Idolatrous Adam And Israel As Representatives In Paul’s Letter To The RomansSBJT 11:3 (Fall 2007)
The Parable Of The Generous Vineyard Owner (Matthew 20:1-16)SBJT 13:3 (Fall 2009)
Covenant Lineage Allegorically Prefigured: “Which Things Are Written Allegorically” (Galatians 4:21-31)SBJT 14:3 (Fall 2010)
The Language Of God And Adam’s Genesis & Historicity In Paul’s GospelSBJT 15:1 (Spring 2011)
“Everything Is Vapor”: Grasping For Meaning Under The SunSBJT 15:3 (Fall 2011)
“If You Continue In The Faith” (Colossians 1:21-23): An Exegetical-Theological Exercise In Syntax, Discourse, And Performative SpeechSBJT 17:3 (Fall 2013)
“Anyone Hung Upon A Pole Is Under God’s Curse:” Deuteronomy 21:22-23 In Old And New Covenant ContextsSBJT 18:3 (Fall 2014)
God’s Incarnate Son As The Embodiment Of Last Day Resurrection: Eternal Life As Justification In John’s GospelSBJT 18:4 (Winter 2014)
Glory Veiled In The Tabernacle Of Flesh: Exodus 33-34 In The Gospel Of JohnSBJT 20:1 (Spring 2016)
“Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law” The Use Of Deut 21:22–23 In Gal 3:13TRINJ 10:2 (Fall 1989)
Putting God at Risk: A Critique Of John Sanders’s View Of ProvidenceTRINJ 20:2 (Fall 1999)
Critical Comments On An Open Theism ManifestoTRINJ 23:1 (Spring 2002)