Articles by James M. Hamilton, Jr.

Gender Roles and the Glory of God:JBMW 009:2 (Fall 2004)
Pastors Are Not Elders: A Middle Way?JBMW 013:1 (Spring 2008)
Godliness and Gender: Relating Appropriately to All (1 Timothy 2:9-12)1JBMW 015:1 (Spring 2010)
Don’t Play Travel Ball: Stay In The Rec League1JBMW 021:1 (Spring 2016)
That the Coming Generation Might Praise the LordJDFM 001:1 (Fall 2010)
A Biblical Theology of MotherhoodJDFM 002:2 (Spring 2012)
The Skull Crushing Seed of the Woman: Inner-Biblical Interpretation of Genesis 3:15SBJT 010:2 (Summer 2006)
The Church Militant And Her Warfare: We Are Not Another Interest GroupSBJT 011:4 (Winter 2007)
Was Joseph a Type of the Messiah? Tracing the Typological Identification between Joseph, David, and JesusSBJT 012:4 (Winter 2008)
John Sailhamer’s "The Meaning Of The Pentateuch:" A Review EssaySBJT 014:2 (Summer 2010)
The Typology Of David’s Rise To Power: Messianic Patterns In The Book Of Samuel1SBJT 016:2 (Summer 2012)
Suffering In Revelation: The Fulfillment Of The Messianic WoesSBJT 017:4 (Winter 2013)
The Glory Of God In Salvation Through Judgment In Deuteronomy1SBJT 018:3 (Fall 2014)
Typology In Hebrews: A Response To Buist Fanning1SBJT 024:1 (Spring 2020)
Old Covenant Believers And The Indwelling Spirit: A Survey Of The Spectrum Of OpinionTRINJ 024:1 (Spring 2003)
N. T. Wright And Saul’s Moral Bootstraps: Newer Light On “The New Perspective”TRINJ 025:2 (Fall 2004)
Who Can Be Saved? A Review ArticleTRINJ 028:1 (Spring 2007)
The Glory Of God In Salvation Through JudgmentTYNBUL 057:1 (NA 2006)
The Seed Of The Woman And The Blessing Of AbrahamTYNBUL 058:2 (NA 2007)
God With Men In The TorahWTJ 065:1 (Spring 2003)
The Messianic Music of the Song of Songs: A Non-Allegorical InterpretationWTJ 068:2 (Fall 2006)