Articles by John Piper

Why God Inspired Hard Texts (Romans 3:1-8)JBMW 07:2 (Fall 2002)
The Beautiful Faith of Fearless Submission (1 Peter 3:1-7)JBMW 13:1 (Spring 2008)
The Ultimate Meaning of True WomanhoodJBMW 15:2 (Fall 2010)
“The Frank And Manly Mr. Ryle”: The Value Of A Masculine MinistryJBMW 17:1 (Spring 2012)
Some Reflections On Discussions About Homosexuality With The Gospel Coalition’s Leadership CouncilJBMW 17:2 (Fall 2012)
“Let Marriage Be Held In Honor”— Thinking Biblically About So-Called Same-Sex MarriageJBMW 17:2 (Fall 2012)
Clarifying Words On Wife AbuseJBMW 18:1 (Spring 2013)
Equipping The Generations: The Family Together In God’s PresenceJDFM 03:1 (Fall 2012)
Equipping The Generations: Pornography: The New NarcoticJDFM 04:1 (Fall 2013)
The Authority And Meaning Of The Christian Canon: A Response To Gerald Sheppard On Canon CriticismJETS 19:2 (Spring 1976)
A Reply To Gerhard Mayer: A Review ArticleJETS 22:1 (Mar 1979)
Prolegomena To Understanding Romans 9:14-15: An Interpretation Of Exodus 33:19JETS 22:3 (Sep 1979)
Historical Criticism In The Dock: Recent Developments In GermanyJETS 23:4 (Dec 1980)
A Peculiar Glory: How The Christian Scriptures Reveal Their Complete TruthfulnessJETS 60:1 (Mar 2017)
A Response to Don Garlington on ImputationRAR 12:4 (Fall 2003)
The Divine Majesty of the Word: John Calvin, The Man and His PreachingSBJT 03:2 (Summer 1999)
To Live upon God That Is Invisible: Suffering and Service in the Life of John BunyanSBJT 04:2 (Summer 2000)
John Newton: The Tough Roots of His Habitual TendernessSBJT 06:4 (Winter 2002)
Sermon: Today’s Mercies for Today’s Troubles; Tomorrow’s Mercies for Tomorrow’s Troubles Matthew 6:34 and Lamentations 3:22–23SBJT 07:4 (Winter 2003)
The Sovereignty of God and the Soul Dynamic: God-Centered Thinking and the Black Experience in America, Past and FutureSBJT 08:2 (Summer 2004)
Sermon: The Revelation of God’s Righteousness Where There Is No Church (Rom15:14–24)SBJT 09:4 (Winter 2005)
Contending for Christ “ Contra Mundum”: Exile and Incarnation in the Life of AthanasiusSBJT 12:2 (Summer 2008)
Preaching As Worship: Meditations on Expository ExultationTRINJ 16:1 (Spring 1995)
I Believe In God’s Self-Sufficiency: A Response To Thomas MccallTRINJ 29:2 (Fall 2008)