Articles by Russell D. Moore

Cultural Commentary : Steinem I Know, and Smeal I Know, But Who Are You? American Culture Looks at Evangelical FeminismJBMW 08:1 (Spring 2003)
Cultural Commentary: Television Sex: Too Boring for ChristiansJBMW 08:2 (Fall 2003)
Cultural Commentary :JBMW 09:1 (Spring 2004)
I Want My NIV: Gender Issues, Bible Translations, and the Rise of Evangelical IndividualismJBMW 10:2 (Fall 2005)
The Surrendered Christ: The Christological Confusion of Evangelical FeminismJBMW 11:1 (Spring 2006)
O. J. Simpson Is Not a Complementarian: Male Headship and Violence against WomenJBMW 12:1 (Spring 2007)
Women, Stop Submitting To MenJBMW 17:1 (Spring 2012)
Equipping the Generations: Fake Love, Fake War: Why So Many Men Are Addicted to Video Games and Internet PornJDFM 03:1 (Fall 2012)
Leftward To Scofield: The Eclipse of the Kingdom in Post-Conservative Evangelical TheologyJETS 47:3 (Sep 2004)
After Patriarchy, What? Why Egalitarians Are Winning The Gender DebateJETS 49:3 (Sep 2006)
The Kingdom Of God In The Social Ethics Of Carl F. H. Henry: A Twenty-First Century Evangelical ReappraisalJETS 55:2 (Jun 2012)
Heaven And Nature Sing: How Evangelical Theology Can Inform The Task Of Environmental Protection (And Vice Versa)JETS 57:3 (Sep 2014)
Man, Woman, And The Mystery Of Christ: An Evangelical Protestant PerspectiveJETS 58:1 (Mar 2015)
The Mystery of Mullins in Contemporary Southern Baptist HistoriographySBJT 03:4 (Winter 1999)
Of Sacraments and Sawdust: ECT, The Culture Wars, and The Quandary of Evangelical IdentitySBJT 05:4 (Winter 2001)
Resurgence vs. McWorld? American Culture and the Future of Baptist ConservatismSBJT 07:1 (Spring 2003)
The Gospel according to Jane Roe: Abortion Rights and the Reshaping of Evangelical TheologySBJT 07:2 (Summer 2003)
Crucifying Jim Crow: Conservative Christianity and the Quest for Racial JusticeSBJT 08:2 (Summer 2004)
God, Revelation, and Community: Ecclesiology and Baptist Identity in the Thought of Carl F. H. HenrySBJT 08:4 (Winter 2004)
From The House Of Jacob To The Iowa Caucuses: The Future Of Israel In Contemporary Evangelical Political EthicsSBJT 11:4 (Winter 2007)
The Kingdom of God and the Church: A Baptist ReassessmentSBJT 12:1 (Spring 2008)
Sermon: You Cannot Serve Both God and Mummy: Pharaoh Hunger and the Draw of a Golden-Calf Spirituality (Exodus 32:1-35)SBJT 12:3 (Fall 2008)
Southern Seminary And The Reshaping Of American Culture: Retrospect And ProspectSBJT 13:1 (Spring 2009)
Joan Or John? An Ethical DilemmaSBJT 13:2 (Summer 2009)
Sermon: Joseph Of Nazareth Is A Single-Issue Evangelical: The Father Of Jesus, The Cries Of The Helpless, And Change You Can Believe In (Matt 2:13-23)SBJT 16:1 (Spring 2012)