Articles by Vern Sheridan Poythress

Response to Paul S. Karleen’s Paper “Understanding Covenant Theologians”GTJ 10:2 (Fall 1989)
Response to Robert L. Saucy’s PaperGTJ 10:2 (Fall 1989)
Gender In Bible TranslationJBMW 03:4 (Winter 1998)
Avoiding Generic “He” in the TNIVJBMW 07:2 (Fall 2002)
Small Changes in Meaning Can Matter: The Unacceptability of the TNIVJBMW 10:2 (Fall 2005)
Problems For Limited InerrancyJETS 18:2 (Spring 1975)
Structuralism And Biblical StudiesJETS 21:3 (Sep 1978)
Genre And Hermeneutics In Rev 20:1-6JETS 36:1 (Mar 1993)
2 Thessalonians 1 Supports AmillennialismJETS 37:4 (Dec 1994)
Modern Spiritual Gifts As Analogous To Apostolic Gifts: Affirming Extraordinary Works Of The Spirit Within Cessationist TheologyJETS 39:1 (Mar 1996)
Counterfeiting In The Book Of Revelation As A Perspective On Non-Christian CultureJETS 40:3 (Sep 1997)
Greek Lexicography And Translation: Comparing Bauer’s And Louw-Nida’s Lexicons JETS 44:2 (Jun 2001)
Extended Definitions In The Third Edition Of Bauer’s Greek-English LexiconJETS 45:1 (Mar 2002)
Why Scientists Must Believe in God: Divine Attributes of Scientific LawJETS 46:1 (Mar 2003)
How Have Inclusiveness and Tolerance Affected the Bauer-Danker Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (BDAG)?JETS 46:4 (Dec 2003)
The Presence Of God Qualifying Our Notions Of Grammatical-Historical Interpretation: Genesis 3:15 As A Test CaseJETS 50:1 (Mar 2007)
Presuppositions And Harmonization: Luke 23:47 As A Test CaseJETS 56:3 (Sep 2013)
Dispensing With Merely Human Meaning: Gains And Losses From Focusing On The Human Author, Illustrated By Zephaniah 1:2–3JETS 57:3 (Sep 2014)
Christocentric PreachingSBJT 22:3 (Fall 2018)
Hermeneutical Factors In Determining The Beginning Of The Seventy Weeks (Daniel 9:25)TRINJ 06:2 (Fall 1985)
Ezra 3, Union With Christ, And Exclusive PsalmodyWTJ 37:1 (Fall 1974)
Ezra 3, Union With Christ, And Exclusive PsalmodyWTJ 37:2 (Winter 1975)
The Nature Of Corinthian Glossolalia: Possible OptionsWTJ 40:1 (Fall 1977)
Philosophical Roots Of Phenomenological And Structuralist Literary CriticismWTJ 41:1 (Fall 1978)
Ground Rules Of New Testament InterpretationWTJ 41:1 (Fall 1978)
Linguistic and Sociological Analyses of Modern Tongues-Speaking: Their Contributions and LimitationsWTJ 42:2 (Spring 1980)
Testing for Johannine Authorship by Examining the Use of ConjunctionsWTJ 46:2 (Fall 1984)
Johannine Authorship and the Use of Intersentence Conjunctions in the Book of RevelationWTJ 47:2 (Fall 1985)
Divine Meaning of ScriptureWTJ 48:2 (Fall 1986)
God’s Lordship in InterpretationWTJ 50:1 (Spring 1988)
Christ the Only Savior of InterpretationWTJ 50:2 (Fall 1988)
Reforming Ontology and Logic in the Light of the Trinity: An Application of Van Til’s Idea of AnalogyWTJ 57:1 (Spring 1995)
Indifferentism and Rigorism in the Church: With Implications for Baptizing Small ChildrenWTJ 59:1 (Spring 1997)
Linking Small Children with Infants in the Theology of BaptizingWTJ 59:2 (Fall 1997)
Gender In Bible Translation: Exploring A Connection With Male RepresentativesWTJ 60:2 (Fall 1998)
“Hold Fast” Versus “Hold Out” In Philippians 2:16WTJ 64:1 (Spring 2002)
Systematic Pattern In TNIVWTJ 64:1 (Spring 2002)
Translating ΛΕΓΩ IN Acts 1:3WTJ 64:2 (Fall 2002)
Male Meaning In Generic Masculines In Koine GreekWTJ 66:2 (Fall 2004)
Truth And Fullness Of Meaning: Fullness Versus Reductionist Semantics In Biblical InterpretationWTJ 67:2 (Fall 2005)
BIBLICAL STUDIES Kinds Of Biblical TheologyWTJ 70:1 (Spring 2008)
Canon And Speech Act: Limitations In Speech-Act Theory, With Implications For A Putative Theory Of Canonical Speech ActsWTJ 70:2 (Fall 2008)
Gender Neutral Issues In The New International Version Of 2011WTJ 73:1 (Spring 2011)
Comments On Mark Strauss’s ResponseWTJ 74:1 (Spring 2012)
Adam Versus Claims From GeneticsWTJ 75:1 (Spring 2013)
Why Lying Is Always Wrong : The Uniqueness Of Verbal DeceitWTJ 75:1 (Spring 2013)
Rethinking Accommodation In RevelationWTJ 76:1 (Spring 2014)
A Misunderstanding Of Calvin’s Interpretation Of Genesis 1:6–8 And 1:5 And Its Implications For Ideas Of AccommodationWTJ 76:1 (Spring 2014)
Three Modern Myths In Interpreting Genesis 1WTJ 76:2 (Fall 2014)
Correlations With Providence In Genesis 1WTJ 77:1 (Spring 2015)
Rain Water Versus A Heavenly Sea In Genesis 1:6–8WTJ 77:2 (Fall 2015)
Correlations With Providence In Genesis 2WTJ 78:1 (Spring 2016)
Dealing With The Genre Of Genesis And Its Opening ChaptersWTJ 78:2 (Fall 2016)
Genesis 1:1 Is The First Event, Not A SummaryWTJ 79:1 (Spring 2017)
Time In Genesis 1WTJ 79:2 (Fall 2017)
Does Redemptive History Have Priority To Worldview? With Implications For PreachingWTJ 81:1 (Spring 2019)
Typology And Christocentricity In The Hermeneutics Of Johannes OecolampadiusWTJ 81:2 (Fall 2019)