Articles by John Jefferson Davis

Bones, Burials And Biblical History: The Goals of Burial ExcavationBSPADE 14:4 (Fall 2001)
The Saga of Sardine Sam: A Mystery at Khirbet el-Maqatir SolvedBSPADE 14:4 (Fall 2001)
Bones, Burials, and Biblical History: The Discovery of Ancient TombsBSPADE 15:1 (Winter 2002)
Bones, Burials and Biblical History: The Results of Burial ExcavationBSPADE 15:3 (Summer 2002)
Rethinking The Crucified Man From Giv’at Ha-MivtarBSPADE 15:4 (Fall 2002)
The Patriarchs’ Knowledge of Jehovah: A Critical Monograph on Exodus 6:3GJ 04:1 (Winter 1963)
Biblical NumericsGJ 05:3 (Fall 1964)
The Rhetorical Use of Numbers in the Old TestamentGJ 08:2 (Spring 1967)
Some Reflections On Galatians 3:28, Sexual Roles, And Biblical HermeneuticsJETS 19:3 (Summer 1976)
Future Directions For American EvangelicalsJETS 29:4 (Dec 1986)
The Perseverance Of The Saints: A History Of The DoctrineJETS 34:2 (Jun 1991)
Ecological “Blind Spots” In The Structure And Content Of Recent Evangelical Systematic TheologiesJETS 43:2 (Jun 2000)
The Role Of Religious Experience In TheologyPP 08:2 (Spring 1994)
First Timothy 2:12, the Ordination of Women, and Paul’s Use of Creation NarrativesPP 23:2 (Spring 2009)
Incarnation, Trinity, And The Ordination Of Women To The PriesthoodPP 24:1 (Winter 2010)
Book Review: Who’s Tampering with the Trinity? Millard J. Erickson (Kregel Academic, 2009)PP 25:4 (Autumn 2011)
First Timothy 2:12, The Ordination Of Women, And Paul’s Use Of Creation NarrativesPP 31:4 (Autumn 2017)
Belief In Design As Properly BasicTRINJ 08:2 (Fall 1987)