Articles by Richard A. Muller

Christ—The Revelation Or The Revealer? Brunner And Reformed Orthodoxy On The Doctrine Of The Word Of GodJETS 26:3 (Sep 1983)
Giving Direction To Theology: The Scholastic DimensionJETS 28:2 (Jun 1985)
Scholasticism, Reformation, Orthodoxy, and the Persistence of Christian AristotelianismTRINJ 19:1 (Spring 1998)
Covenant and Conscience in English Reformed Theology: Three Variations on a 17th Century ThemeWTJ 42:2 (Spring 1980)
Incarnation, Immutability, and the Case for Classical TheismWTJ 45:1 (Spring 1983)
Emanuel V. Gerhart on the “Christ-Idea” As Fundamental PrincipleWTJ 48:1 (Spring 1986)
Directions in the Study of Barth’s ChristologyWTJ 48:1 (Spring 1986)
The Place and Importance of Karl Barth in the Twentieth Century: A Review EssayWTJ 50:1 (Spring 1988)
Karl Barth and the Path of Theology Into the Twentieth Century: Historical ObservationsWTJ 51:1 (Spring 1989)
The Priority of the Intellect in the Soteriology of Jacob ArminiusWTJ 55:1 (Spring 1993)
Barth’s “Göttingen Dogmatics (1924-26)”: A Review and Assessment of Volume OneWTJ 56:1 (Spring 1994)
“The Study of Theology” Revisited: A Response to John FrameWTJ 56:2 (Fall 1994)
Historiography in the Service of Theology and Worship: Toward Dialogue with John FrameWTJ 59:2 (Fall 1997)
A Note on “Christocentrism” And The Imprudent Use Of Such TerminologyWTJ 68:2 (Fall 2006)
Arminius And The Reformed TraditionWTJ 70:1 (Spring 2008)
Calvin on Divine Attributes: A Question of Terminology and MethodWTJ 80:2 (Fall 2018)