Articles by Mimi Haddad

Good News in the Gospel for Women Theological and Social Priorities Embedded in the Work of the Early EvangelicalsATJ 43:0 (NA 2011)
Priscilla, Author Of The Epistle To The Hebrews?PP 07:1 (Winter 1993)
St. Clare Of Assisi, Founder Of The Poor Clares (1194-1253)PP 08:1 (Winter 1994)
Women And Revival Work Acts 2:17-21—Revival’s Magna ChartaPP 08:3 (Summer 1994)
Women And Revival Work Acts 2:17-21—Revival’s Magna ChartaPP 12:1 (Winter 1998)
An Invisible People, An Invisible ProblemPP 13:1 (Winter 1999)
Jessie Penn-Lewis: Revival And God’s Word On WomenPP 13:2 (Spring 1999)
What Language Shall We UsePP 17:1 (Winter 2003)
Editor’s InkPP 17:2 (Spring 2003)
Editors InkPP 17:3 (Summer 2003)
Evidence for and Significance of Feminine God-Language from the Church Fathers to the Modern EraPP 18:3 (Summer 2004)
Egalitarian Pioneers: Betty Friedan or Catherine Booth?PP 20:4 (Autumn 2006)
Jessie Penn-Lewis’s Cross Theology: Gender Relations in the New CovenantPP 22:2 (Spring 2008)
Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Catherine Clark KroegerPP 25:2 (Spring 2011)
Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger: An Evangelical LegacyPP 25:3 (Summer 2011)
Ideas Have ConsequencesPP 26:1 (Winter 2012)
Ideas Have Consequences: Faith, Gender, And Social EthicsPP 28:1 (Winter 2014)
Egalitarians: A New Path to Liberalism? Or Integral to Evangelical DNA?PP 29:1 (Winter 2015)
A Tribute To Alvera MickelsenPP 30:4 (Autumn 2016)
Book Review“ A New Gospel For Women: Katharine Bushnell And The Challenge Of Christian Feminism” By Kristin Kobes Du Mez (Oxford University Press, 2015)PP 30:4 (Autumn 2016)
CBE’s Tribute To Gretchen Gaebelein Hull (1930–2019)PP 33:4 (Fall 2019)