Articles by B. B. Edwards

The Imprecations In The ScripturesBSAC 001:1 (Feb 1844)
Condition Of Theology In Holland, Especially In The Reformed Church.1BSAC 002:5 (Feb 1845)
Remarks On The Authenticity And Genuineness Of The PentateuchBSAC 002:6 (May 1845)
Obligations Of The Eastern Churches To The Home Missionary Enterprise1BSAC 002:8 (Nov 1845)
Remarks On The Divine Authority And Authenticity Of The Pentateuch1BSAC 002:8 (Nov 1845)
Life Of Philip Melanchthon.BSAC 003:10 (May 1846)
Memoir Of Count Zinzendorf.BSAC 003:11 (Aug 1846)
Literary And Miscellaneous IntelligenceBSAC 003:12 (Nov 1846)
The Scriptures The Proper Standard Of Appeal In The Formation Of The Moral And Religious CharacterBSAC 003:9 (Feb 1846)
Translations From The Sermons Of Professor Julius MĂĽller Of HalleBSAC 004:14 (May 1847)
Studies In Hebrew Poetry1BSAC 005:17 (Feb 1848)
The Advancement Of Society In Knowledge And VirtueBSAC 005:18 (May 1848)
Translation Of The Prophecy Of Nahum With NotesBSAC 005:19 (Aug 1848)
The Roman Catholic Religion In ItalyBSAC 005:20 (Nov 1848)
Remarks On Certain Erroneous Methods And Principles In Biblical CriticismBSAC 006:21 (Feb 1849)
Translation Of The Thirteenth And Fourteenth Chapters Of Isaiah, With Explanatory NotesBSAC 006:24 (Nov 1849)
Present State Of Biblical ScienceBSAC 007:25 (Jan 1850)
Life And Character Of Dr. De Wette.1BSAC 007:28 (Oct 1850)
Collegiate Education—Mathematical And Classical StudyBSAC 008:29 (Jan 1851)
Commentary On The Second And Third Chapters Of The Gospel Of MatthewBSAC 008:29 (Jan 1851)
Introduction To The Pastoral EpistlesBSAC 008:30 (Apr 1851)
Messianic PropheciesBSAC 009:35 (Jul 1852)
Missionary Enterprise At HomeBSAC 101:401 (Jan 1944)
The Genuineness of the Pastoral EpistlesBSAC 150:598 (Apr 1993)