Articles by Eugene H. Merrill

Fixed Dates in Patriarchal ChronologyBSAC 137:547 (Jul 1980)
Paul’s Use of “About 450 Years” in Acts 13:20BSAC 138:551 (Jul 1981)
Ebla and Biblical Historical InerrancyBSAC 140:560 (Oct 1983)
The Book of Ruth: Narration and Shared ThemesBSAC 142:566 (Apr 1985)
The Literary Character of Isaiah 40-55 Part 1: Survey of a Century of Studies on Isaiah 40-55BSAC 144:573 (Jan 1987)
The Literary Character of Isaiah 40-55 Part 2: Literary Genres in Isaiah 40-55BSAC 144:574 (Apr 1987)
Royal Priesthood: An Old Testament Messianic MotifBSAC 150:597 (Jan 1993)
The Late Bronze/Early Iron Age Transition and the Emergence of IsraelBSAC 152:606 (Apr 1995)
The Peoples of the Old Testament according to Genesis 10BSAC 154:613 (Jan 1997)
The Chronicler: What Kind of Historian Was He Anyway?BSAC 165:660 (Oct 2008)
The Conquest Of Jericho: A Narrative Paradigm For Theocratic Policy?BSAC 169:675 (Jul 2012)
Old Testament Scholarship And The Man In The Street: Whence And Whither?BSPADE 24:4 (Fall 2011)
Ai And Old Testament Chronology: Who CaresBSPADE 27:2 (Spring 2014)
Internal Evidence for the Inerrancy of The PentateuchCTJ 02:5 (Jun 1998)
The Old Testament Word: Creator et Redemptor?CTJ 10:29 (May 2006)
Deuteronomy and History: Anticipation or Reflection?FM 18:1 (Fall 2000)
Palestinian Archaeology and the Date of the Conquest: Do Tells Tell Tales?GTJ 03:1 (Spring 1982)
Isaiah 40-55 As Anti-Babylonian PolemicGTJ 08:1 (Spring 1987)
Name Terms Of The Old Testament Prophet Of GodJETS 14:4 (Fall 1971)
Sabbatai Zvi And Jewish MessianismJETS 16:3 (Summer 1973)
The Odes Of Solomon And The Acts Of Thomas: A Comparative StudyJETS 17:4 (Fall 1974)
The Sign Of JonahJETS 23:1 (Mar 1980)
Remembering: A Central Theme In Biblical WorshipJETS 43:1 (Mar 2000)
Old Testament Scholarship And The Man In The Street: Whence And Whither?JETS 54:1 (Mar 2011)
Archaeology And OT Theology: Their Interface And Reciprocal UsefulnessJETS 58:4 (Dec 2015)
The Theology Of The “Chronicler”: What Difference Does It Make?JETS 59:4 (Dec 2016)
Biblical Hebrew and the Semitic Languages in the Light of Cultural Antiquity: A New ProposalJETS 62:2 (Jun 2019)
The Covenant With Abraham: The Keystone of Biblical ArchitectureJODT 12:36 (Aug 2008)
Old Testament Archaeology: Its Promises and PitfallsJODT 13:39 (Aug 2009)
Rashi, Nicholas De Lyra, and Christian ExegesisWTJ 38:1 (Fall 1975)