Scripture Index Service

Creating scripture indexes is a painful process, but we have developed software that can speed that up considerably. Once your document is ready to go to the printer, send it to us and we'll send it back with the scripture index completed. If you need help formatting your book to get it ready for the printer, we can do that too.


  • Must be in Microsoft Word
  • Must be the last thing we do to the document so that page numbers don't change.


  • Bible abbreviations need to be standard. We can deal with most, but don't use "Jud" for Jude or "Is" for Isaiah. Recommend using Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Make sure to put book abbreviations in front of chapter:verse numbers when you change books. It may be clear to you what verse you are referring to, but make it clear to your reader and to us as we index.


  • The cost is $1per page.

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