Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

JBMW 18:2 (Fall 2013)

Is Feminism Good For The Church?Denny R. Burk
The Wedding Vows 20 years LaterSteve McCoy
Husbands, Love Your Wives By Being The “Bad Guy”Rob Lister
Why Homeschooled Girls Are Feminism’s Worst NightmareLouis Markos
Should A Woman Marry A Man Who Has A Problem With Pornography?Heath Lambert
Five Forms Of Egalitarianism: With A Critique Of David Instone-Brewer’s View Of The Household CodesAndrew J. Wilson
One Beautiful, Scandalous Night: How God Brings Redemption Through A Foolish Plan, A Faithful Woman, And A Righteous Man (Ruth 3:1-18)David Schrock
A Review Of Benjamin Reaoch, “Women, Slaves, And The Gender Debate: A Complementarian Response To The Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic”Benjamin L. Merkle
A Review Of Joel B. Green, Ed., “Dictionary Of Scripture And Ethics”Ray Van Neste
A Review Of Rachel Held Evans, “A Year Of Biblical Womanhood: How A Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting On Her Roof, Covering Her Head, And Calling Her Husband “Master.””Aimee Byrd
A Review Of Justin Lee, “Torn: Rescuing The Gospel From Gays-Vs.-Christians Debate”Samuel Emadi
A Review Of Sam Allberry, “Is God Anti-Gay? And Other Questions About Homosexuality, The Bible, And Same-Sex Attraction”Chris Sarver
A Review Of Peter Hubbard, “Love Into Light: The Gospel, The Homosexual, And The Church”David Schrock
A Review Of Heath Lambert, “Finally Free: Fighting For Purity With The Power Of Grace”Godwin Sathianathan