Review of George Barna, “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions” -- By: Noel B. Woodbridge

Journal: Conspectus
Volume: CONSPECTUS 11:1 (Mar 2011)
Article: Review of George Barna, “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions”
Author: Noel B. Woodbridge

Review of George Barna, “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions”

Noel B. Woodbridge

Barna G 2003. Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions. Ventura: Regal Books.

1. Introduction to the Author and the Book

George Barna is the directing leader of The Barna Group, a company in Ventura, California, that provides research and resources to Christian ministries. He is the best-selling author of more than thirty five books, several of which have received national awards. His other books include Think Like Jesus, The Power of Vision, and The Frog in the Kettle. Barna also publishes The Barna Update, a free bi-weekly research report available online at He and his family live in Southern California.

No one can deny that modern culture is opposed to Christian values. The adverse influences that bombard the moral development of children today can be deadly. However, few parents and church leaders fully realise just how critical it is to initiate the development the child’s biblical worldview, from an early age. The problem is complex, especially in light of the common circumstance of parents themselves not having received adequate (early) spiritual training. As a result, they often seem to leave their children’s training and development solely to the church. Yet, the church generally focuses on older children, not realising that a child’s moral development is set by the age of nine.

2. Summary of the Book

This book deals with one of the major problems faced by today’s church: how can the church (and parents) help children cultivate a biblical worldview? In the simplest terms, cultivating a biblical worldview means learning to think and act like Jesus. But how can the church, that is, its members (including parents), teach children something their own parents didn’t know how to teach them?

According to Barna (back cover), the answer is the following:

Churches must begin now to come alongside parents and equip them to provide their children - at the earliest age possible - with biblical precepts that will protect them from a barrage of worldly ideas and teaching that is hostile to the biblical worldview. Churches must also think in terms of providing parents with information and counseling that will equip parents to help their children become the spiritually mature Church of tomorrow.

Barna emphasizes that the time has come to wage a spiritual war—time to equip parents to help their children become the spiritually mature Church of tomorrow, literally transforming them into spiritual champions!

The book i...

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