Articles by Noel Beaumont Woodbridge

A Biblical Critique of the Two-fold Theory of Dispensationalism: The Distinction between Israel and the ChurchCONSPECTUS 02:1 (Sep 2006)
Psychotherapy: Science or Religion? Some Implications for Today's ChurchCONSPECTUS 04:1 (Mar 2007)
Understanding the Emerging Church Movement: An Overview of Its Strengths, Areas of Concern and Implications for Today’s EvangelicalsCONSPECTUS 04:1 (Mar 2007)
Evaluating The Changing Face Of Worship In The Emerging Church In Terms Of The ECLECTIC Model: Revival Or A Return To Ancient Traditions?CONSPECTUS 05:1 (Mar 2008)
Book Review: Viola And Barna, Pagan Christianity? Exploring The Roots Of Our Church PracticesCONSPECTUS 07:1 (Mar 2009)
A Review Of William Young, “The Shack”CONSPECTUS 08:1 (Sep 2009)
Revisiting Moltmann’s “Theology Of Hope” In The Light Of Its Renewed Impact On Emergent TheologyCONSPECTUS 09:1 (Mar 2010)
Review of Thomas Groome, “Sharing Faith: The Way of Shared Praxis”CONSPECTUS 10:1 (Sep 2010)
Review of George Barna, “Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions”CONSPECTUS 11:1 (Mar 2011)
An Evaluation of Contemporary Challenges to Evangelical Orthodoxy Posed by Toon’s Four Basic Types of Theology: A Christian responseCONSPECTUS 12:1 (Sep 2011)
Review of Hitchcock, “2012, the Bible and the End of the World”CONSPECTUS 13:1 (Mar 2012)
The Prophetic Witness of Amos and its Relevance for Today’s Church in African Countries for Promoting Social Justice, Especially in Democratic South AfricaCONSPECTUS 16:1 (Sep 2013)
Review of Waldron, The End Times Made Simple: How Could Everybody be so wrong about Biblical ProphecyCONSPECTUS 16:1 (Sep 2013)
The EDNA Model For Doing Research In Practical Theology: A Biblical ApproachCONSPECTUS 17:1 (Mar 2014)
Review Of Willemer And White, “Entry Point: Towards Child Theology With Matthew 18”CONSPECTUS 17:1 (Mar 2014)
Wealth And Poverty In Luke’s Gospel And Acts In Terms Of Brewer’s Analysis And Its Challenge For Today’s ChurchCONSPECTUS 18:1 (Sep 2014)
Assessing The Normative Value Of Selected Narratives From The Book Of Acts Utilising The Five Hermeneutical Principles Of The INCUR Model: How Normative Is Acts?CONSPECTUS 22:1 (Sep 2016)
A Biblical, Psychological And Moral Analysis Of The Rape Of Tamar In 2 Samuel 13: A Pastoral ResponseCONSPECTUS 25:1 (Mar 2018)