CONSPECTUS 28:1 (Sep 2019)

Irony As A Literary Stylistic Device In Amos’s Choice Of Metaphors: Reading From The Perspective Of The Tigrigna Proto-Semitic LanguageBerhane K. Melles
Beyond Shame And Honour: Matthew’s Representation Of The Dignity Code Of JesusBill Domeris
An Evaluation Of Speaking In Tongues As Angelic Language From The Judaean And Early Christian PerspectivesEben de Jager
Is John’s ΛόγοςChristology A Polemical Response To Philo Of Alexandria’s Logos Philosophy? (Part 1)Robert Peltier
Is John’s Λόγος Christology A Polemical Response To Philo Of Alexandria’s Logos Philosophy? (Part 2)Robert Peltier
The Realization Of Isaiah 61 In AfricaRoland Paul Cox
Cultural Analysis And Thematic Biblical Theology Cross-Cultural Approach Of Gospel CommunicationRonaldo Almeida Lidorio
A New Proposal For A Biblically Grounded Christian Social Welfare Provision Among The Ghana Baptist Convention Member Churches In The Ashanti Region, GhanaJoseph Adasi-Bekoe
A Critical Evaluation Of John Robert Stevens’ Theology Of Spiritual Formation In Dialogue With Søren Kierkegaard: A Dissertation SummaryJeremiah Gruenberg
Review Of Craig G Bartholomew, “Contours Of The Kuyperian Tradition: A Systematic Introduction”Robert Falconer
Review Of Chung And Mathewson, “Models Of Premillennialism”David Woods
A Proposed Reading Of 1 Timothy 2:11–15, And How This Interpretation Speaks To Issues Of Gender Relationships And Female LeadershipJillian Carole Gorven