Review Of Lioy, “Facets Of Pauline Discourse In Christocentric And Christotelic Perspective” -- By: Annang Asumang

Journal: Conspectus
Volume: CONSPECTUS 22:1 (Sep 2016)
Article: Review Of Lioy, “Facets Of Pauline Discourse In Christocentric And Christotelic Perspective”
Author: Annang Asumang

Review Of Lioy, “Facets Of Pauline Discourse In Christocentric And Christotelic Perspective”

Annang Asumang1

Lioy Dan 2016. Facets of Pauline Discourse in Christocentric and Christotelic Perspective. New York: Peter Lang.

1. Introduction

Dan Lioy is Senior Research Manager in the Postgraduate School of South African Theological Seminary, and also Professor at the Potchefstroom Campus of North-West University, both in South Africa. As an ordained minister in the North American Lutheran Church and faculty member of the Institute of Lutheran Theology, he writes from a Lutheran perspective to contribute to the Publisher’s Studies in Biblical Literature Series. This book is the latest of Prof. Lioy’s prodigious publications that span studies in both Old and New Testaments and the wider fields of theological and theo-scientific disciplines. In his preface, the Series Editor describes the work as part of a series aimed at making ‘available to scholars and institutions, scholarship of high order, and which will make significant contribution to the ongoing biblical

discourse’ (p. ix). With its enormous breadth and depth of excellent scholarship, the book does not disappoint in fulfilling this objective.

In terms of genre, the monograph belongs to the burgeoning category of high quality studies in Biblical Theology which are at the same time also keenly attuned to contributing to contemporary reflections in Christian pastoral and ecclesiological circles. The monograph makes its contribution to these recent endeavours with its unique focus on the key themes in Paul’s theological discourse. Its primary thesis is that Paul regarded Christ as the central and defining goal of his discourse. Yet, this simplicity of thesis belies the profound depth of the theological arguments and the astute exegetical judgements which the author brings to bear on the biblical texts in order to unearth the scriptural, conceptual, cultural and socio-historical basis upon which Paul builds this Christocentricity and Christotelicity. Furthermore, Lioy’s intricate investigation into some of the facets of Paul’s discourse enables him to draw out a number of implications for contemporary reflections on Pauline theology.

The book has eleven chapters, the first acting as a prologue and the last as its epilogue. Though portions of some of the chapters are revised iterations of articles published previously in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, the overall tone of the monograph is one of erudite freshness combined with its critical engagement of the current intellectual and ecclesia...

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