Articles by Annang Asumang

Ministering in the Tabernacle: Spatiality and the Christology of HebrewsCONSPECTUS 01:1 (Mar 2006)
The Migrant Camp of the People of God: A Uniting Theme for the Epistle to the HebrewsCONSPECTUS 03:1 (Mar 2007)
Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, Put on the Last Adam: The Background of Paul’s Ethical Instructions in Romans 13:11-14CONSPECTUS 04:1 (Mar 2007)
Powers Of Darkness: An Evaluation Of Three Hermeneutical Approaches To The Evil Powers In EphesiansCONSPECTUS 05:1 (Mar 2008)
Be Filled With The Spirit And Not With Wine: Echoes Of The Messianic Banquet In The Antithesis Of Ephesians 5:18CONSPECTUS 05:1 (Mar 2008)
Review of Paul Anderson, “The Fourth Gospel and the Quest for Jesus”CONSPECTUS 06:1 (Sep 2008)
Review of Van der Watt, “An Introduction to the Johannine Gospel and Letters”CONSPECTUS 06:1 (Sep 2008)
Vehicles Of Divine Mystery: Paul’s Danielic Self-Understanding In Ephesians 3CONSPECTUS 07:1 (Mar 2009)
“And The Angels Waited On Him” (Mark 1:13): Hospitality And Discipleship In Mark’s GospelCONSPECTUS 08:1 (Sep 2009)
The Presence Of The Shepherd: A Rhetographic Exegesis Of Psalm 23CONSPECTUS 09:1 (Mar 2010)
Review Of Anderson, An Emergent Theology For Emerging ChurchesCONSPECTUS 09:1 (Mar 2010)
Holy War’ in 1 PeterCONSPECTUS 11:1 (Mar 2011)
Captured by Christ Jesus: Paul as Christ’s Trophy Slave in Philippians 3:12cCONSPECTUS 12:1 (Sep 2011)
Modelling the Gospel in Joyful Partnership: Exemplars and the Uniting Theme of PhilippiansCONSPECTUS 13:1 (Mar 2012)
The Role Of The Doctrine Of Trinitarian Worship In Paul’s Dispute With The Judaizers: Galatians 4:6 And Philippians 3:3 As Test CasesCONSPECTUS 14:1 (Sep 2012)
Review Of Hawkins And Parkinson, “Move: What 1000 Churches REVEAL About Spiritual Growth”CONSPECTUS 14:1 (Sep 2012)
Washing One Another’s Feet As Jesus Did: Revelatory Activities And The Progressive Sanctification Of BelieversCONSPECTUS 15:1 (Mar 2013)
Strive For Peace And Holiness: The Intertextual Journey Of The Jacob Traditions From Genesis To Hebrews, Via The ProphetsCONSPECTUS 17:1 (Mar 2014)
Review Of Bird, The Gospel Of The Lord: How The Early Church Wrote The Story Of JesusCONSPECTUS 19:1 (Mar 2015)
Fostering Spiritual Formation At A Distance: Review Of The Current Debates, And A Biblically Grounded Proposal For Maximizing Its Effectiveness As Part Of Ministerial FormationCONSPECTUS 22:1 (Sep 2016)
Review Of Lioy, “Facets Of Pauline Discourse In Christocentric And Christotelic Perspective”CONSPECTUS 22:1 (Sep 2016)
Perfection Of God’s Good Work: The Literary And Pastoral Function Of The Theme Of ‘Work’ In PhilippiansCONSPECTUS 23:1 (Mar 2017)
Bearing Witness Nicodemusly: A Christomorphic Assessment Of Crypto-Discipleship In John 7CONSPECTUS 24:1 (Sep 2017)
Was Martin Luther A Charismatic Christian? A Method For Probing A Burning QuestionCONSPECTUS 24:1 (Sep 2017)
Review Of Keener, Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture In Light Of Pentecost.CONSPECTUS 27:1 (Mar 2019)