Remembering A Forefather And Founding Member Of The CBE Board -- By: Catherine Clark Kroeger

Journal: Priscilla Papers
Volume: PP 12:1 (Winter 1998)
Article: Remembering A Forefather And Founding Member Of The CBE Board
Author: Catherine Clark Kroeger

Remembering A Forefather And Founding Member Of The CBE Board

Catherine Clark Kroeger

In Memory of A. Berkeley Mickelsen

September 20, 1920 - May 3, 1990

Christians for Biblical Equality mourns the death on May 3, 1990, of one of its most faithful friends. A. Berkeley Mickelsen, long an ardent supporter of biblical equality, gave unstintingly of his vision, his commitment, his energies, and his moral courage. A true gentleman as well as a distinguished and diligent scholar, he was steadfast in his devotion both to the Kingdom of Christ and to the issues of justice and righteousness within that Kingdom.

His research and publications gave to the evangelical world a broader understanding of headship, important considerations in fair translations of the Bible, and a set of principles for interpreting it in non-sexist ways. His scholarly competence earned wide-spread respect as he argued the case for the equality of all persons in Jesus Christ. Berkeley sometimes said that he was doing all he could to irradicate the effects of the curse, especially as it applied to the oppression of women, although it was not without risk to his professional reputation that he adopted an unpopular cause and championed it so valiantly.

He was firm without being fanatical, persevering in consistent efforts to address the issue in academic church groups, conferences, consultations and colloquia. Although greatly in demand in the Twin Cities, he travelled around the world to proclaim his conviction of a biblical basis for the equality and ministry of women.

At his own expense he attended the original organizing meeting of CBE in Massachusetts. There he was elected a Board member, a position which he held until his untimely death. His encouragement, good counsel, and seasoned experience served us in good stead on many an occasion.

The egalitarian stance which Berkeley assumed did not make his life an easy one. Along with Alvera who accompanied and collaborated with him in all his ventures, he entered into debates, dialogues, and discussions with traditionalists both in and outside of his own denomination. It was precisely his support, based on a careful examination of God’s Word, that won credibility for what was at first a highly controversial cause.

Though we shall miss him, we shall not forget him nor the things that he taught us. We all loved him for his kindly geniality. He wanted to make the rest of us strong enough to walk on our own. No one of us is great enough to wear the mantle which this Elijah left behind, but together we can carry on the ministry which he has let fall to us.

Catherine Clark Kroeger,
President Christians for Biblical Equality
Priscilla Papers
4:3, Summer 1990

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