Articles by Catherine Clark Kroeger

The Apostle Paul And The Greco-Roman Cults Of WomenJETS 30:1 (Mar 1987)
Musings on I Timothy 2:12PP 01:1 (Winter 1987)
An Illustration of the Greek Notion of “Head” as “Source”PP 01:3 (Aug 1987)
The Parable of the Old PianoPP 04:1 (Winter 1990)
Toward an Egalitarian Hermeneutic of FaithPP 04:2 (Spring 1990)
Black Is Blessed: A Study Of Black/African Women And Men In ScripturePP 06:1 (Winter 1992)
Bitalia, The Ancient Woman PriestPP 07:1 (Winter 1993)
The Challenge Of The Re-Imagining God ConferencePP 08:2 (Spring 1994)
CBE And The Spread Of HIV In Sub-Saharan AfricaPP 09:3 (Summer 1995)
The Legacy Of Katherine Bushnell: A Hermeneutic For Women Of FaithPP 09:4 (Fall 1995)
Good News For All PeoplePP 11:4 (Fall 1997)
Toward an Egalitarian Hermeneutic of FaithPP 12:1 (Winter 1998)
Remembering A Forefather And Founding Member Of The CBE BoardPP 12:1 (Winter 1998)
A Grandmother’s Lecture On SexPP 12:3 (Summer 1998)
Wifely Submission In Biblical ContextPP 12:4 (Fall 1998)
Faith, Feminism And FamilyPP 13:1 (Winter 1999)
The Biblical Option Of DivorcePP 13:4 (Fall 1999)
Hidden Africans Of The Bible And Early ChurchPP 14:1 (Winter 2000)
Melchizedek and the Universality of the GospelPP 17:2 (Spring 2003)
Does Belief in Women’s Equality Lead to an Acceptance of Homosexual Practice?PP 18:2 (Spring 2004)
Toward an Understanding of Ancient Conceptions of “Head”PP 20:3 (Summer 2006)
The Bible’s Nonabusive Intention for Family RelationshipsPP 25:3 (Summer 2011)
Book Review: Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul’s Letters By Philip B. Payne (Zondervan, 2009)PP 25:3 (Summer 2011)