Articles by Wayne Grudem

But what should women do in the church?JBMW 01:2 (Nov 1995)
What’s Wrong With “Gender Neutral” Bible Translations?JBMW 01:3 (Jun 1996)
The Meaning Of “Head” In The BibleJBMW 01:3 (Jun 1996)
The Myth Of “Mutual Submission”JBMW 01:4 (Oct 1996)
NIV Controversy: Participants Sign Landmark AgreementJBMW 02:3 (Jun 1997)
Willow Creek Enforces EgalitarianismJBMW 02:5 (Dec 1997)
The Meaning Source “Does Not Exist”JBMW 02:5 (Dec 1997)
An Open Letter To EgalitariansJBMW 03:1 (Mar 1998)
Campus Crusade for ChristJBMW 04:1 (Spring 1999)
The “Gender-Neutral” NIV: What Is The Controversy About?JBMW 07:1 (Spring 2002)
A Brief Summary of Concerns About the TNIVJBMW 07:2 (Fall 2002)
Are the Criticisms of the TNIV Bible Really Justified? An Interaction With Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Peter Bradley, D. A. Carson, and Bruce WaltkeJBMW 07:2 (Fall 2002)
Is Evangelical Feminism the New Path to Liberalism?JBMW 09:1 (Spring 2004)
“A Redemptive-Movement Hermeneutic: The Slavery Analogy” (Ch 22) and “Gender Equality and Homosexuality” (Ch 23) by William J. WebbJBMW 10:1 (Spring 2005)
Changing God’s WordJBMW 10:2 (Fall 2005)
JBMW ForumJBMW 12:2 (Fall 2007)
Personal Reflections On The History Of CBMW And The State Of The Gender DebateJBMW 14:1 (Spring 2009)
Alphabetical Reference List For Old Testament Apocrypha And PseudepigraphaJETS 19:4 (Fall 1976)
Prophecy—Yes, But Teaching—No: Paul’s Consistent Advocacy Of Women’s Participation Without Governing AuthorityJETS 30:1 (Mar 1987)
He Did Not Descend Into Hell: A Plea For Following Scripture Instead Of The Apostles’ CreedJETS 34:1 (Mar 1991)
A Response To Mark Strauss’ Evaluation Of The Colorado Springs Translation GuidelinesJETS 41:2 (Jun 1998)
Do We Act As If We Really Believe That “The Bible Alone, And The Bible In Its Entirety, Is The Word Of God Written”?JETS 43:1 (Mar 2000)
The Meaning Of κεφαλή (“Head”): An Evaluation Of New Evidence, Real And AllegedJETS 44:1 (Mar 2001)
Review Article Should We Move Beyond The New Testament To A Better Ethic?JETS 47:2 (Jun 2004)
Does Κεφαλη (“Head”) Mean “Source” Or “Authority Over” In Greek Literature? A Survey Of 2,336 ExamplesTRINJ 06:1 (Spring 1985)
Christ Preaching Through Noah: 1 Peter 3:19-20 In The Light Of Dominant Themes In Jewish LiteratureTRINJ 07:2 (Fall 1986)
The Meaning Of Κεφαλή (“Head”): A Response To Recent StudiesTRINJ 11:1 (Spring 1990)
1 Corinthians 14:20-25: Prophecy And Tongues As Signs Of God’s AttitudeWTJ 41:2 (Spring 1979)