Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry

JDFM 02:2 (Spring 2012)

Editorial: In Praise of InefficiencyTimothy Paul Jones
A Biblical Theology of MotherhoodJames M. Hamilton, Jr.
When Only One Spouse Believes: Hope for Christian Women in Mixed MarriagesWilliam F. Cook, III
The Church as Bride and Mother: Two Neglected Theological MetaphorsWayne Shealy
The Challenge of Matriarchy: Family Discipleship and the African-American ExperienceKevin L. Smith
Ministering the Love of Christ to Single Teen MothersMary Somerville
Research Brief Biblical Counseling Case Study: When a Parent FailsLilly H. Park
Family Physicians’ Forum Pregnancy Loss, A Grief UnspokenWilliam Cutrer
JDFM FORUM: A Discussion of Pastoring and Parenthood with Ken CanfieldLauren Foster
Book ReviewsLilly Park
Equipping the Generations: The Inward War of WaitingKimberly Campbell
Equipping the Generations: A Trinitarian Model for Motherhood and MinistryKori De Leon
Equipping the Generations: How to Relate to Your In-Laws for the Glory of God and the Good of your FamilyBlake T. Ring
Equipping the Generations: Maintaining the Message, Modifying the Method with Special Needs FamiliesShannon Dingle
Equipping the Generations: Family Ministry and MotherhoodDonald S. Whitney
Equipping the Generations: How Much is a Homemaker Worth? Staying Home and Silencing SatanMatt Smethurst
Equipping the Generations: Teach What is GoodDonna Thoennes
Equipping the Generations: True Religion: How the Church Can Care for the Single MotherRene Gomez
Sermon: Raising Children, the Christian WayPeter J. Gentry