Puritan Reformed Journal

PRJ 03:2 (Jul 2011)

From the EditorsAnonymous
Hosea: His Marriage and His MessageMichael P. V. Barrett
The Glory of the Cross (2)Pieter DeVries
Masterful Parables: The Language of Supremacy in Christ’s ParablesAnonymous
Paul and James: Are We Justified by Faith or by Faith and Works?Stephen J. Lawson
Our Glorious Adoption: Trinitarian Based and Transformed RelationshipsJoel R. Beeke
Justification, The Central Article of Faith: A Biblical and Theological AnalysisPieter DeVries
The Logic and Exegesis behind Calvin’s Doctrine of the Internal Witness of the Holy Spirit to the Authority of ScriptureAnonymous
A Synthesis and Critique of James Arminius’s “ Declaration of Sentiments”John E. Skidmore
John Bunyan: A Sectary or a Puritan or Both? A Historical Exploration of His Religious IdentityBrian Golez Najapfour
Jonathan Edwards’s Interpretation of the Major Prophets: The Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and EzekielJeongmo Yoo
Reading the PuritansJoel R. Beeke
“Satisfied with the Lord’s All-Sufficiency”: Wilhelmus à Brakel on JoyPaul M. Smalley
Wilhelmus à Brakel’s Use of Doctrine in Calling Sinners to Repentance and FaithJonathan Holdt
“Where shall my wondering soul begin?”: A Historical and Theological AnalysisBrian Golez Najapfour
Preaching from LamentationsGavin Beers
An Introduction to Christian LeadershipDavid P. Murray
The Accuracy of the Authorized Version After 400 YearsMalcom H. Watts
Delight in the Lord’s DayAndrew J. Barnes
Retaining Scripture in our Minds and HeartsRyan M. McGraw
The Church Community in Contemporary Culture: Evangelism & EngagementKieran Beville
The Reading of ScripturePieter DeVries
Book ReviewsAnonymous