Articles by Aída Besançon Spencer

“Fear” As A Witness To Jesus In Luke’s GospelBBR 02:1 (NA 1992)
Peter’s Pedagogical Method in 1 Peter 3:6BBR 10:1 (NA 2000)
The Denial of the Good News and the Ending of MarkBBR 17:2 (NA 2007)
Eve At Ephesus (Should Women Be Ordained As Pastors According To The First Letter To Timothy 2:11-157)JETS 17:4 (Fall 1974)
God As A Symbolizing God: A Symbolic HermeneuticJETS 24:4 (Dec 1981)
An Apologetic For Stylistics In Biblical StudiesJETS 29:4 (Dec 1986)
Father-Ruler: The Meaning Of The Metaphor ‘Father’ For God In The BibleJETS 39:3 (Sep 1996)
From Poet To Judge: What Does Ephesians 5 Teach About Male-Female Roles?PP 04:3 (Summer 1990)
God As Mother, Not Mother As God: A Biblical Feminist Response To The “New Feminism”PP 05:4 (Fall 1991)
Early-Church Heroines: Rulers, Prophets And MartyrsPP 07:1 (Winter 1993)
Avoiding The “Either-Or” TrapPP 08:2 (Spring 1994)
A Gender Matter A Response To The Colorado Springs GuidelinesPP 11:4 (Fall 1997)
God As Mother, Not Mother As God: A Biblical Feminist Response To The “New Feminism”PP 12:1 (Winter 1998)
Book Review: A Theology Of WomenPP 17:3 (Summer 2003)
What are the Biblical Roles of Female and Male Followers of Christ?PP 18:2 (Spring 2004)
Feminist TheologyPP 19:1 (Winter 2005)
How God’s Spirit Worked a Revolution in Hawaii in 1819-1825PP 19:3 (Summer 2005)
Book Review: Zondervan TNIV Study BiblePP 21:1 (Winter 2007)
Book Review: Climbing the Dragon’s LadderPP 22:1 (Winter 2008)
A Cloud of Female Witnesses: Women Leaders in the New TestamentPP 23:4 (Autumn 2009)
Book Review: Jesus and the FeministsPP 23:4 (Autumn 2009)
Leadership Of Women In Crete And Macedonia As A Model For The ChurchPP 27:4 (Autumn 2013)
The Song Of Songs Celebrates God’s Kind Of LovePP 28:3 (Summer 2014)
Review of “Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate” By Michelle Lee-Barnewall (Baker Academic, 2016)PP 30:3 (Summer 2016)
Book Review“ What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women” by Kevin Giles (Cascade Books, 2018)PP 33:3 (Summer 2019)